So many times when we talk about love we usually focus on loving God and loving our neighbours as ourselves, but there is a perspective of love that is hardly ever touched; the relationship that exists between love and the operation of faith.

Faith comes to life primarily through the spoken word. 2 Corinthians 4:13 says, “We have the same spirit of faith, we believe, therefore we speak”. Believing in your heart may make you righteous, but salvation only comes when confession is made (Rom 10:9-10). Each time God wants a change in affairs, He speaks. In the beginning when darkness was upon the deep, GOD SAID (Genesis 1:3-24); to heal His children, GOD SENT HIS WORD (Psalm 107:20); to draw us back to Him God sent His only begotten Son, THE LIVING WORD (John 3:16). Faith is never released independent of the spoken word, and the spoken word is only potent when it is rooted in love. Every inspired word spoken in love carries tremendous power. Such words only return when they have accomplished what they were sent to do (Isaiah 55:11). When love drives the believer into the place of prayer power is exchanged.

Jesus told Peter in Luke 22:32, “…I have prayed that your faith fail not”, implying that if Jesus had not prayed Peter’s faith could have failed. Also, in Exodus 17:8-13, during the battle of Amalek, we see the same pattern. The faith of Joshua worked in the valley because some believers (Moses, Aaron and Hur) were engaged in effectual fervent prayer on the mountain top. From these scriptures we see that based on the action of a believer or group of believers, faith is made alive in another person or a group of people. One may ask, “What has that got to do with the “love-faith relationship”?” Well, love, unlike faith carries no potential of failing {1 Corinthians 13:8}. In 1 Corinthians 13:13, the bible places love above faith and hope. The truth faith needs love for it to be effective because FAITH WORKS BY LOVE (Galatians 5:6).

A major channel through which faith by love is activated is through the act of giving. Even though monetary giving is not excluded, this has more to do with something money simply cannot buy. To present another’s case before heaven in the presence of The Father is one of the greatest acts of giving a believer can engage in. For some, having an audience with God is an opportunity to clear their needs, and to an extent there is really nothing wrong with that. But it takes having a heart of
love to present someone else’s need to God during your intimate moments in that secret place. Love will always be a sacrifice and it should be expressed irrespective of the actions of the recipient, particularly as it relates to salvation (Luke 6:27-35). The Bible says in Romans 5:8 that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. “WHY?” simply because GOD LOVED. This is a relationship building secret, especially for married couples. When a husband loves his wife irrespective of actions and vice-versa, peace will always reign.

Jesus prayed for Peter. Moses, Aaron and Hur went up the hill for Joshua. Remember, Moses was at least 80 years old, yet he climbed that mountain. It is interesting that when Jesus referred to the centurion as someone having great faith in the gospel, the centurion was asking on behalf of his servant (Matthew 8:5-13). The centurion believed in the power of the spoken word issued in the spirit of love. Great faith is when you believe in the power of the spoken word on behalf of another. If this centurion did not truly love his servant to the extent of wanting the servant healed, he would not have gone to Jesus. The centurion understood perfectly what he was doing. When love is involved in faith, we start to walk in the realm of great faith, which delivers instantaneous results. Who are we taking before God during our intimate moments in the secret place? We again see the role love plays in the operation of faith when we take a look at the life of Abraham, the father of faith.